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Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE), a dynamic energy medicine modality that includes mind-body principles to support healing of physical, emotional and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, menstrual irregularities etc. Children with autism, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and learning disabilities have responded with often dramatic results.) Learn more about Cellular Expansion for Special Kids.

Cellular Expansion and Healing is also a dynamic process of spiritual development, assisting both clients and students to forge a solid consistent connection with their Soul. From here they are able to release old traumas, see the world with new eyes and open more full to their largest potential.

"My son has autism. Like many parents of a special needs child I was bombarded with the "next best thing" that would cure my son. With Cellular, I have seen first-hand the changes in Mark and am constantly amazed at how well he is now doing. He has moved into a mainstream school, is communicating and is having very few emotional outbursts. Without cellular I have no doubt we would still be wondering what the missing link is, we KNOW it's Cellular." -RP, Chicago, IL

Part of complementary medicine, Cellular Expansion is designed to augment your current treatment plan and provide a palpable source of connection to the body's innate wisdom to self-heal. In addition, it assists those that desire to learn how to create life from a place aligned with higher consciousness and wisdom. In doing so participants are able to step outside of old patterns, habituated responses and let go of the past. Frequently people report life-changing results and a profound sense of peace.

Practitioners of CE are often amazed at how deeply they are able to connect to a consistently palpable source of healing, the profound changes in their clients who have often not responded to other approaches and the dramatic supportive changes in their own lives as well.

“ When I found Cellular Expansion and Healing, I discovered what for me was the missing link that all the other healing modalities I had studied (and even taught ) did not provide. With CE I am able to move into direct connection with my Soul, with God and with All That Is, with simply a breath. My clients heal in ways I have never witnessed before.” -BB, Maryland

The originator of the work, Deb Schnitta, is a professional nurse with many years experience in helping people to heal. Trained to sense subtle energy that moves in and around the physical body, Deb uses her ability to create lasting change within the cellular structure of illness, where the distortions first begin. She and her partner, Pauline Dishler, have formed Vanati, a Center for Energy Medicine. Committed to healing on all levels, Vanati serves as a source for leading-edge approaches to healing and living a life of joy and ease.

Learn more about Vanati and how Cellular Expansion came to be.

We offer this cellular healing energy in a variety of formats to support greater access and healing to all who desire support. This may be in areas of Cellular Healing, Free Distance Healing, or our Energy Meditation Programs.

"Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) gave me a deeper understanding of why I kept creating chronic fatigue in my life. After many periods of remission it would keep coming back, with more intensity. After using the Vanati energy programs and having some sessions with Deb, I came to embrace what was underneath the illness and learned to change my life. I have been free from symptoms for three years now! I never plan to look back."
-SJ, Seattle, Washington

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