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Free Distance Healing

Each Monday night from 10:30pm to11:30pm EST Vanati offers a meditation / free distance healing as a path of service to provide others with access to healing energy.  During this time, there is a large amount of light available to all those who desire support. We use the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing to support the growth, shifts and healing that you desire.

You may pick an area of your life (a focus) that you would like more support with or merely open to receive the light that is right for you. Your Soul, as your partner, assists in stepping down or transitioning the light in the amount that is just right for your pace of growth. All you need do is set your intention to join in the transmission and set your focus. It is not important for us to know the content of your focus in order to support you from this space. You may participate as often as you are drawn.  Often profound shifts occur with a new outlook on what had previously been stagnant. Physical healing is often reported as well.

During this time we are transmitting or sending out light through our larger bodies where we exist in partnership with our Souls and Greater Consciousnesses as well as the beings of light with whom we teach.

The energy we use is called Cellular Expansion, a gentle yet palpable healing energy that offers light directly to your cells. Illness is created first in the energy of the cells so attending in this way supports health and healing at the root cause. The energy is also useful for anything you would like to create in your life, such as a new job, peace or support for life issues.

Specific transmissions for students currently enrolled in classes are included as well. This is also a good time to 'explore' or ask for support in determining if a certain class that we teach is right for you as part of your Soul's learning. You can set your intention to 'try on' the energy, and see if it 'feels' right for you. In essence, you are asking in a more conscious way for the light of your Soul to be present and support you in this decision.

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How do I participate?

Create a quiet place for yourself free from distractions. You may want to play peaceful music during this time. Often people cross over, or blend so deeply with the energy that they appear to fall asleep. Some people report merging in this state and 'waking' several hours later or in the morning during their regular time to get up. They awake refreshed and vital. You may or may not have awareness or thoughts during this time of meditation. It might be helpful to think of this time as an opportunity to be held or bathed in a large container of light, much like a warm tub of water. The thoughts and processes associated with your mind are not important here. Allow the process of the energy touching your consciousness, which is light, to facilitate the openings that are right for you.

What happens if 10:30pm EST doesn't work for me?

You may participate at any time that is best in your personal flow. Energy is not limited to time-a man made construct. Merely pick the time that works best for you and follow the principles as suggested above. We have people who regularly participate from many different time zones. Feel free to tune in at whatever time works best of you. Some people like to meet earlier as a group to receive the transmission. The energy and guides will easily adapt to include your personal rhythm. If you feel better letting us know the specific time you will be participating, feel free to let us know via e-mail.

Click here to locate 10:30pm EST in your time zone.

Do I have to meditate for the whole hour?

No. Some people feel full, like the sensation of having a fine meal, in a very short period of time. Your soul and higher consciousness will guide you to receive just the right transmission. The length of time or frequency of participation is entirely up to you.

Can I send you my intention?

Absolutely! Often there is profound healing that occurs through the act of asking for support. You may e-mail your intention to us.

You may also simply "think" your intention to yourself. Energy has consciousness; the energy of your thoughts connect freely to the energy and healing that is offered.

Due to the large number of inquiries we receive, we cannot personally respond to your intention. We do read all the intentions we receive and hold them in our awareness during the distance healing / meditation.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

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