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Cellular Expansion & Healing
Cellular Healing for Illness and Spiritual Development
Cellular Expansion and Healing

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE)
is a form of energy medicine that supports healing and change at the building block level of illness, the cells. Through effecting held patterns within the energy system itself, Cellular Expansion and Healing, supports the body's true nature, the call for balance. Through the exploration of what is needed for the body, mind and spirit to return to balance, lasting change and healing occurs. Cellular Expansion and Healing moves to the source of imbalance in the cell and provides nourishment, balance and healing where needed.

As the energy of CE connects with the consciousness held within the space of the cells it invites balance to return. Balance, or the absence of competing forces, is present when illness is absent. When illness is present, energy is spent attending to the competing elements. These competing aspects, the desire to move forward and the desire to stay as how things exist right now for example, tie up the natural resources of the body and constriction results.

Through the energy of CE, the constriction is invited to unwind, much like un-kinking a garden hose. As the process of unwinding occurs, flow returns, balance is restored and change has resulted. Illness resolves as the content of the kinks or distortions also resolves. Examples of the content could be about making choice to attend to your own needs or allowing others to give to you. It is highly individualized for each person and arises organically as part of the process of CE. The energy of Cellular Expansion illuminates the content and supports the aspects of you that are ready to connect to make choice and impact the world as you have created it.

Here is what Deb Schnitta, the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) has said about healing:

"Healing, the body's return to balance, involves the alignment of the internal aspects of energy, your thoughts, feelings and impressions, with the external, how the world impacts your own energy. True healing then is not just the absence of disease, but the presence of a life filled with joy and aliveness."

Some Case Studies

A young child with rare genetic illness makes lasting progress:

John was born with a rare metabolic disorder that impedes his body's ability to take in nutrients in a way to support life. There are currently 20 known cases in the US and Canada, with most children living until the age of six.

When I first saw John, he was shy, thin, pale and tentative about the world around him. He was underweight, did not speak well and had difficulty following two step commands.

After our first session, John began eating what his mom described as normal amounts, "…as if something inside him had been turned on."

We augmented these changes with regular distance healing sessions, to allow for support as his body and all the aspects of his evolving nature began to come together more fully.

Now thriving, he has gained weight and eating healthy amounts is no longer an issue. He has begun to catch up socially and developmentally and is enjoying teaching his older brother about payback! He is far more interactive, inquisitive about the world around him and seems to be heading towards a deep level of healing. Recently he was discharged from special services and has met all his developmental milestones.

Chronic knee pain unresolved with surgery:

Kathy had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a tear and damage that had occurred over many years. Despite successful surgery, she continued to be plagued by discomfort that required pain medicine and taking time off from work. After further consultation, her surgeon recommended additional surgery to help the healing process.

Kathy came to our Complementary Medicine Conference in November 2004. During the group healing experience, she felt warmth and tingling move through her knee. She recalled being filled with hope that something could be different in her life.

Three days later, she contacted us to share her experience and let us know her pain was completely gone. As of December 2005, she remains pain free and is no longer looking toward surgery.

Changes that have occurred with CE:

Consistent and dramatic, at times even life- changing shifts, in physical, emotional and mental disease has occurred. Some recent experiences include:

  •  Severe anemia corrected within two weeks
  •  Osteoporosis returning to normal bone structure
  • Life-long endocrine imbalance reverting to normal
  • Instantaneous healing of third degree burn
  • Instantaneous healing of corneal abrasion
  • Abnormal breast tissue returning to normal
  • Transformation of life-long pattern of anxiety
  • Resolution of life-long depression
  • Cancer resolving
  • Child with ADHD and OCD increases concentration and excels in school

People who have benefited from CE have been working with life challenges and illnesses such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, ADHD, cardiac issues, arthritis, depression, menstrual irregularities and fertility issues as well as other physical and emotional symptoms.

Clients also seek support for their psychological healing, moving through a difficult obstacle as well as those seeking to create life from a balanced place.

Not just intended for the healing of physical illness, CE supports a deep inner connection with the aspect of consciousness that exists within us all, that knows what is next and is ready for change to occur. By strengthening this connection, the illusions of resistance, confusion and other contributing factors to "stuckness" no longer exert a hold over how an individual lives life. Choices become clear, history that was experienced as part of earlier childhood experiences becomes an aspect of the past, rather than the formative phrasing for how life is lived.

Collaborative in nature, CE supports the client who desires to move with ease through their process of healing. It is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care, but rather augments the rate in which healing does occur.

For those who desire to:

  • Achieve balance and health (mental, emotional or physical) and may not be responding fully to traditional treatment.
  • Create a project, job or partnership from an expanded state of connection.
  • Explore mind/body connection and how it can impact their lives.
  • Move from a feeling of being stuck to aligned purpose.
  • Augment their daily life with wellness and with energy.
  • Accelerate their spiritual development.

How does this work?

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is a form of hands on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. The relief of constrictions allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause (where the imbalance or illness first arose) and supports living a life of joy.

Each aspect of the body has a certain resonant frequency, a range in which it vibrates. Just like physical matter such as wood, stone, etc., the cells as physical matter respond to the forces of nature. The resonant frequencies of the cells respond to other resonant frequencies that may come from within the body or from external sources such as a practitioner in energy medicine. When two objects have similar natural frequencies, they can interact without touching; their vibrations match, or resonate, with one another.

Cells respond to the internal vibrations of the body that are set in motion by thought, emotion, physical sensations such as pain or love as well as the biochemical processes that are influencing and sustaining life. Cells also respond to the vibration of light energy, recognizing the natural resonance and forging an easy connection. This response may be the release of old toxins, the opening where constriction and illness has been held or the taking in of sustenance that will nourish it at a deep level.

The vibratory response of cells to the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing™ is similar to the body’s own natural ability to respond to internal vibratory responses and communication. This allows the healing energy to enter deeply at the source of illness without requiring effort on the part of the client. From here the energy of CE is able to enter directly where needed, supporting the cells to return to balance and health. CE moves through the matrix, or conduits that exist in each cell as well as the interconnected matrix that connects each cell to one another. In this way it is able to support healing at the tiniest level possible, the cells which house DNA, genetic material, consciousness and history as well as physical processes that maintain health and balance. CE goes directly to the source of imbalance and offers the cells the opportunity to vibrate, or resonate, at a higher, more refined tone than currently exists. This process supports the release of toxins; debris that may cause the cells to resonate at a lesser resonance, as well as the transformation of old held emotional content that was present as illness was created.

A practitioner trained in the energy of CE is taught how to support the process required for healing to occur. The energy is offered -- not pushed -- inviting the cells to make choice and respecting the larger rhythms that exist for the cells themselves. The energy of CE exists in the light spectrum of energy at a higher frequency than the cells themselves. This allows the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to be bathed in inclusive resonant energy that supports balance and healing. The choice for health may occur one cell at a time. The evolving practitioner is constantly supported to explore his or her next level of surrender and capacity to hold, offer and extend light energy for healing. In this way the path of learning is never ending. Students often report dramatic changes in their own lives as they engage in this path of study.

New to Energy Medicine? Learn more about CE.

"During class I realized how easy it is to be in an expanded state in this energy. CE opened a path to healing for myself and clients that over 35 years of studying and teaching other modalities has not. It truly is the missing link in healing and how we understand illness."
- B. Barto, healer, MD

Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, coaches students to discover their deepest capacity through the study of Cellular Expansion and Healing.

Healing and Evolution

Healing almost always leads to a deeper awareness of who we are. In many cases, it also leads to evolution, the profound change of the individual where he or she is no longer the same. In spiritual terms it can be as profound as witnessing the completion of one set of life tasks and the beginning of the next, the actual evolution of the Soul itself.

Often when faced with the desire for healing of illness or discomfort the focus can be on the immediate relief of symptoms or the desire for the illness to “go away.”

However at some point in the quest for healing, usually an insight arises about life as the way it is now or how it has been in the past. These insights are often seen as gifts or benefits that arise because energy (time, effort and consciousness) has been brought more fully to the issues at hand.

Seeking healing moves from the immediate physical or emotional needs and begins to take a more holistic view. Thoughts such as I would like my life to work more fluidly or I am taking time to slow down and find what is important to me begin to arise.

These thoughts represent a beginning view of evolution. They have been present all along, perhaps dormant just below the surface. A call, the need for health, a scare of some sort often is the precursor to beginning to look at life more fully. It may be that the changes are radical in nature or slow and subtle, but with impact. The changes that transpire often lead the way for deep and lasting healing to occur.

Symptoms are an opportunity to look more deeply inward, to view the world from a different vantage point and to begin to comprehend from that perspective what is needed for balance to occur. This balance may be physical, as in the need for more rest. It may be emotional as in the desire for greater capacity of sharing emotions or resolving past hurts, mental in the form of understanding what is actually transpiring in the present rather than resurfacing the views of the future. It may also be spiritual and in the case of evolution, usually is.

Spiritual evolution is the change in perspective that is lasting, whereby the individual is not the same as he or she once was. It may be that personal values are revisited. It may be that larger goals come into play (the why am I here, or what is my purpose aspect of the human condition.) Or it may be that the Soul itself has the opportunity to realize its capacity in this lifetime. This realization can be thought of as the ultimate expression of partnership between the Soul and personality. True evolution requires both of these aspects of you to be present and engaging with the tasks at hand.

As the individual engages in the process of evolution there are often profound changes that occur. I have witnessed these most fully in individuals faced with life threatening illnesses such as cancer. For them a sense of urgency or survival with a diagnosis tends to stimulate the forward movement of healing. I have often viewed these dramatic changes most fully with special needs children as they evolve and heal past where modern science expects them to be.

True change just like true healing happens from the inside out. It is not something that is done to you or for you. It is a process that may be supported by others and nurtured as the individual begins to move more fully into his or her birthright. In many ways it is the unlayering of what no longer serves that individual, the letting go of old perceptions and shoulds and the rebirthing of what feeds the greatest capacity of that person now.

I think I have had the opportunity to witness this in children most fully in part because they have not yet had the years and circumstances that we as adults endure as we create life and interactions with others. They are less defended and mired in their history and patterns. For me special needs children embody this the most, having often experienced profound struggle or disconnection early in life as they make their way back to wholeness. We have so much to learn from them and they so much to teach.

Deb Schnitta teachers cellular expansion and healing practitioner training.

Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, coaches students to discover their deepest capacity through the study of Cellular Expansion and Healing.


As an illustration of evolution, I share these snapshots of a beautiful little boy named Ryan. Born with CMV, a virus commonly found in individuals and often undetected, he suffered a fair amount of brain damage.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Ryan and his mom when he was three. He was quiet and somewhat withdrawn, seeming to pull into an inner world that was less confusing than ours. He would often appear at these times as if he was spacing out or did not understand what was unfolding around him.

He had difficulty eating and swallowing, could not move his left leg well and had decreased strength and coordination in his left arm. He did not speak and seemed to have a delay in understanding what was spoken to him. He was inconsistent in his ability to reply to communication or request for commands.

At our first meeting, I was drawn in to his world through the images he showed me in his mind. Since I am clairvoyant, it was easy for us to converse in this way. He would show me what was wrong, a pain in his arm, the frustration of not being able to speak. I would say this out loud and his eyes would glimmer and sometimes be followed by a smile. Slowly we began to build a bridge, he and I, to link both worlds together as one.

Early on I became aware of his comfort in his world. Although to the mind this may seem strange, a young boy not able to participate in the fun of the world does not seem comfortable to our eyes. However, the world viewed from his perspective made sense in another way. Here was a child, a wise sentient being, a Soul that had needs and desires to learn and grow, just like all Souls. He had picked a situation and members such as his family that would further that growth and learning. I watched his hunger to be loved at the cost of all other things. And I watched in awe as his mom repeatedly fed that need, tirelessly and from the capacity of her huge heart. In silence I marveled as a healer does when given the inside glimpse of something so precious. How wise and committed these Souls, to support one another in this way.

At our initial interview his mom identified her goals for Ryan to be a functioning member of society with full healing. She recognized this might be a long shot but murmured, If I don’t dream it can’t happen. Almost instantly, I became aware of the discrepancy.

This Soul named Ryan was comfortable with what he had created. He became angry at me, striking out and pushing me away at times as we tried together to “get him better.” As I spoke out loud the language for his frustration, he nodded in agreement.

His mom agreed his choices could be his, despite her dreams and hopes for him. He learned he could still be loved even if he was not dependent for all things.

My heart grew in its capacity to witness love and understanding. It marveled in watching the evolution of them both.
Cellular Healing for kid with cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, adhd, autism

Ryan began to engage. He started to take great joy in being able to get his body to move, to follow commands and to connect with the outside world. His eating changed. No longer a battle he actually enjoyed eating and showed a preference for favorite foods. He became increasingly interested in being able to do things his older brother could do. He started to make sounds and become consistent in responding to yes and no questions.

And then this little boy, who first presented as one who might need help throughout his entire life for all the simple things we take for granted began to let us know how smart he truly was.

He began to follow along in a picture book, matching objects that make sound to tell a story. It was a simple task that tired him quickly, but one that opened many doors. Each week he gained in his ability to pay attention longer, to remember faster and to giggle in delight! He began to play at the computer like his siblings could. It was harder for him of course, but this life that had started as one of dependency began to grow more and more in the direction of autonomy.

Evolution had continued.

Ryan is ready for school now. As I share some of his story he is beginning the process of more fully integrating his worlds, that which is inner with the larger outer of friends and challenges and opportunities, a foray outside the nest of his loving family as the next playground for his evolution.

Each of us has our places where we are like Ryan, where it is easiest to stay a certain way, even if we are not happy, even if we desire more in some way. It takes courage and wisdom to make these changes, and each and every day, we, like Ryan, face the obstacles that are ours and choose whether to engage.

Evolution takes us to our truest essence and brings to us what we need to truly persevere, to learn and to grow. In this way, our greatest challenges become our deepest joys.


Distance Energy Healing for Kids with developmental challenges.

“Ryan was so excited for school. When he came home on Monday he was laying in his bed resting (God forbid he would actually sleep!) and he would sign Ryan and school and he would just start giggling. He did this several times. He was so proud of himself! He did really well too.” -SK, PA

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