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Long Distance Healing
CE is very effective as a long distance healing modality to support health, wellness and issues that arise as part of spiritual development / evolution. Distance healing is done when the practitioner and client are not in the same room.

Long Distance Healing is for individuals who:
  • Live in an area where there are no trained CE practitioners
  • Are experiencing health concerns which make traveling to an office a difficulty
  • Desire to receive healing effects in the privacy of their own home
  • Animals that may receive greater benefit in their own familiar environment

Distance healing has been researched in several scientific studies. A recent double-blind study with UCSF was published in the Western Journal of Medicine, which showed the positive effects of distance healing on AIDS patients. Patients who received distance healing spent one-sixth the time in the hospital and contracted one-third the AIDS related illnesses as those who did not receive distance healing. Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, was one of thirty healers chosen from around the country to participate in this study.

The process of receiving a distance CE session is similar to being in an office of a practitioner. As a client, you set an intention, describing an area with which you would like to receive healing and support. At the agreed time, the practitioner performs the healing work, all the while holding you and your intention in their awareness.

I started distance healings with Deb Schnitta in the spring of 2005. Since then the physical symptoms of chronic fatigue have evaporated! The changes were steady and progressive, supporting me in having more vitality! Now I am focusing on the emotional issues beneath all that, and you know, I think the healing there is even faster! – SG, San Francisco, CA

I was so skeptical. How could someone not in the same room or even time zone help!? But I was so sick and unhappy I was willing to try it just once. And after just once I felt so much better! I had energy, clarity and people around me asked me what I was doing that was different! I am well onto creating the life I want in so many ways! Thank you, thank you, thank you! -BW, Australia

Deb told me she had worked with my son’s speech during his recent session. I hadn’t even told her yet that the speech therapist called me into the room to tell me how well my son was doing over night!!! She wanted to know what was different. I told her cellular, of course!
- RK, Indiana


To optimize your session, we suggest you review the following:
What will I experience during a distance session?

Just as an individual experience with an in-office session varies, so too does it when receiving a distance session.

Although the responses may vary, most report a profound sense of peace and relaxation often not experienced before. Many report a serenity, as if they have “returned home” that goes beyond words.

Insights related to the intention often arise during the session or in the days that follow. During the session, your cells are bathed in the energy of CE. The receptive, respectful and loving energy enters the cells as they deem appropriate. The healing that occurs is transformative and long lasting.

What if my mind wanders or I fall asleep during the session?

Because the energy of CE goes directly to the source of the imbalance where all illness is created, the cells, the participation of the waking mind is not required. Although the mind often feels reassured when it can recount something that has occurred, it is not necessary for the deep healing of CE to occur.

What will help me integrate the healing into my everyday life?

Take some quiet time after your session. Avoid the temptation to jump back into busy life.

Journal or write about your experience. An excellent tool for the conscious mind, this supports what has occurred outside the waking reality to become more known. Often, individuals are surprised at how much content comes to the surface and insights arise even though before they felt that “nothing” had occurred.

From your experience, write down one insight or next step that will bring you closer to your goal. What is necessary for this to be accomplished?

What can I do in between sessions to help my healing and development?

In addition to making time for the next steps that have been illuminated (even a few minutes in a busy day can be helpful), we often recommend our energy programs to individuals looking for additional support. Learn more about our energy programs.

Three single energy programs that we offer are: Receiving the Energy of Connection, Extending the Energy of Connection to an Area of Your Life and Exploring Transformation.

For those desiring a larger set that addresses the various personality issues and needs that often arise during healing, we offer the energy program, Transforming the Personality, which works with specific topics with the evolving personality structures. These topics include among others: Transforming Patterns of Lack, Transforming Anger, Moving through Layers of Consciousness and Applying Transformation.
Or to have access to the energy of CE in between sessions, we offer Cellular Expansion and Healing.

CE and Animals

Animals are highly receptive to the energy of CE.

Each animal has an energy system, including charkas, just like human beings. Often very sensitive, animals respond to the world around them from a place of energy. Wild animals rely on a heightened sense of awareness for survival, food and mating.

Although animals display emotions such as joy and fear among others, they do not store the residue from life experiences as deeply in their systems as people do. As a result, healing often occurs more quickly and with greater ease. Fewer sessions or deeper change is usually noted.

Animals discharge or release energy in several ways, most often through movement, such as changing a position or walking away. An animal may also vocalize (bark, etc.) or dig/scratch.

Because most animals respond best in a familiar environment, we suggest distance work. Even a calm, well-adjusted animal will have added stress to his or her system by traveling to an office with new smells, etc. Time is then needed to develop trust and put the animal at ease. During distance work, animals often take in the energy that is offered in a deeper way.


Cellular Distance Healing for Animals
A stressed animal will often receive the energy more fully in their own home.

In addition to Deb Schnitta, the originator of CE, many of our graduates are trained in distance work and may offer sessions to animals. CE Practitioner List.

As many animal lovers will attest, animals may at times be our greatest teachers. They demonstrate unconditional love; can teach us about patience, partnership and many other things. Some incredible stories of animals saving the lives of their owners with heart attacks, seizures and other health conditions have been reported. Of course they can also teach us about healing.

Read the article: The Secrets of Healing as Revealed by Animals by Deb Schnitta

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