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Private Appointments
Cellular Healing

Energy Healing Appointments

Pauline and Deb may be contacted for private appointments either in person or long distance. A private appointment can be scheduled to support existing modalities or as a primary approach to supporting physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Private appointments are an opportunity to move more fully into alignment with your own power as a healer or facilitator in your life. Through the energy that is offered you are supported to understand more fully your role as a creative partner in your own life. Our role as facilitators of that process is to support you fully in your awakening. We do this through energywork, conversation and direction for self-study and exploration. We function as a guide in your transformation.

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE)

Cellular Expansion is a form of energy work that supports the unwinding of existing diseases and distortions of flow within the human energy system. Through the transmission of energy (the expansion of the practitioner's energy field to create a field of higher vibrational energy) the clients own energy field is affected. Through this resonance a combined state of energy exists that allows the clients energy to release old patterns of holding within the human energy system. These patterns of holding are thought to be the basis for disease. In this way, the client may be 'bathed" in a form of light energy that allows the gentle unwinding that is right for him/her.

No two sessions are alike. The energy work is gentle and pleasing to most with a feeling of being held and supported from a state of love that is beyond the human personality. From this gentle space of expansion, some clients receive their own insights into the situation of illness they are focusing on. Still others may simply seem to fall asleep, with a sense of peace and calm.

During the session, the energy is transmitted from cell to cell, with your practitioner merely acting as a guide or conduit for that energy. There is nothing that can be done to you to effect change in your system or life. The energy of cellular expansion is very respectful of your choices of learning and requires you to be a co- creative partner in your own healing.

Part of Energy Medicine that is inclusive and complementary to other modalities, CE has supported healing for those working with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, ADHD, depression and life issues that affect relationship, job, happiness and much more.

CE follows principles of physics and resonance. Energy, as the basic unit of life and consciousness, is extended to your system to assist your cells in resonating at the highest level possible. Often cells that are ill or constricted in fear are not resonating as clearly as possible. Through using the Vanati principles of CE, energy is delivered directly to the cells where it is needed. Support for personal development and growth might involve learning how to let go of old traumas or stories. It might involve learning new ways of being in the world from expansion and aliveness rather than from holding yourself back.

A practitioner trained in CE learns how to hold his or her energy in an open, receptive field. This enhances resonance and supports a deep level of healing at the root cause of illness and stress – the cells.

Here’s just a few of the many changes that people have reported:

There were three areas of my life that just were overwhelming to me. Each time I would think about being joyful I would just cry, feeling how little joy there actually was. I had been in therapy for over ten years with an excellent therapist and we both had worked hard to get me to a better place. This only made me feel worse when I realized it just wasn’t happening.

Within three months of having CE sessions I felt so much better. I was sleeping at night and enjoying more of life. I got a promotion and suddenly had insights into what I had been using to hold myself back. I continued with my therapist who has decided I am a new person since CE. I am open and able to share what I am feeling and able to work on finding all of the joy I desire. Thank you so much!
-SD, Cleveland, OH

I came for three sessions because I was willing to try ANYTHING, since nothing else my doctor had recommended worked. Honestly I think what did work for me was that I didn’t have to do anything. I just lay on the table and Deb gave me a session. I felt relaxed after but didn’t have any real insights or feel like I could change my situation.
Then my mom came to visit and I noticed we weren’t having a hard time like we usually do. I was calm and actually saw that she loved me instead of feeling criticized like I had in the past. At the end of the visit my mom asked me what I had been doing, because I now reminded her of the lively little girl from long ago.

I continued for four more sessions and came to realize the creative part of me that had been just waiting for an opportunity to be present in the world. I have such energy and joy with my children, my coworkers and everything in life. I am truly grateful for CE! This past Christmas I gave my mom the CE energy program and she loves it!!
-ML, Miami FLA

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Consciousness, the sum of our waking and non-waking experiences, is stored in the cells. Muscles demonstrate this in a tangible way. Memory of structural orientation, where the muscles are in relation to other muscles and body parts, is impacted during times of stress or injury. A new pattern of orientation quickly sets in place and becomes part of the biologic history. Once attention is paid to the affected area through massage, stretching, etc., the unwinding or redistribution of these competing muscle alignments begins. The cells, which have been aligned longest in a pattern, simply continue to do so, providing the signal or request for the body to realign to its pre-injured state.

One need only think of a hurtful relationship to feel the guarded nature of the heart, hoping not to recreate a painful situation. This often occurs without the waking conscious attention of the individual and indicates the intention to limit inflow and be protected.

CE impacts the total history of an individual, both conscious and unconscious through gentle invitation at the level of the cells to engage and release what impedes the body’s natural rhythm and flow.

Practitioners use intention, which has been shown to impact the electromagnetic field of both client and practitioner. Through skills of subtle energy perception, practitioners enter a highly receptive state which enhances the resonance and encourages healing even further.

Clients often report a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Frequently, sensations of energy or wave-like movements are experienced. Some perceive insights into situations that have been long-standing, as the consciousness moves to the surface during the process of unwinding.

Because of the respectful approach of the energy of CE, clients often report resolution with ease of long-held issues. Therapists familiar with CE frequently refer clients for CE to augment the healing process.

How These Energies May Be Applied

Because the human system is based on many levels of energy there is no limit to the exploration that may occur. Many people choose to focus on the process of healing a physical or emotional issue in their life, still others choose to open to support in creating something new in their life. Chronic or acute levels of illness are appropriate doorways to the introduction of these energies. Healing usually does not occur as if turning a light switch on. The process of creating the illness took time and had many variables based on your own individual circumstances. All of these variables come into play during this or any other modality that supports health and well being.  Cellular Expansion and Healing may be a useful tool in supporting the return to wholeness. It is not intended to be a substitute for traditional forms of medical treatment.

Examples of how you may receive support include:
  • Opening to more flow in your life.
  • Receiving insights regarding a particular situation.
  • Enhancing physical health and stamina.
  • Healing in your physical body or emotional system.
  • Creating a new job or relationship.
  • Finding support and guidance for your spiritual development.

Preparing for your Session

We suggest you go inside to see if this is right for you. Each of us has an inner sense of when something is right for us. Perhaps for you this is a sense of intuition. We ask you to honor your own place of knowing regarding this and any other healing process.

When you are ready, prepare your focus, to explore what it is you would like to create a shift or change in. It may be very simple, such as I would like help with the pain in my back, or it may be more elaborate. This intention serves as an opening, a beginning point for you and your practitioner to begin to engage with the energies. Your practitioner may ask you a few questions to gain clarity around your focus. Everything discussed during your treatment time is strictly confidential.

At the time of your session, we suggest you arrive at the office ten to fifteen minutes ahead of your scheduled time. This will assist you in creating the highest space of peace and healing. Relax; let go of the day. Sit quietly and return to your focus. Does this still fit for you? Has it changed in some way? Is there something else you would like to add?

During your time in the office, you will be asked about your focus. You will lie down on a bodywork table, fully clothed and supported with pillows and blankets. Please feel free to let your practitioner know of any specific needs you have at this time. If at any time anything feels uncomfortable to you, we ask you to let your practitioner know. You are completely in charge of the session. At the end of the session, you will be given a chance to speak of your experiences and ask any questions that you may have. We do this to begin the process of integration. Many people find allowing some quiet time after the session to be quite helpful. Journaling, walking in nature or any pleasant activity that you are drawn to is appropriate. We suggest you listen to what your body tells you during this time and follow the impulses that are there.

Long Distance Sessions

At times, you may choose to receive these energies not in person at the office. This may be because of physical location, illness or personal preference. Long distance healing has been studied to ascertain the effectiveness of this modality. In one study, a double blind scientific methodology was used under the auspices of a University. In this study, patients with advanced AIDS were offered long distance healing from a variety of modalities. Cellular Expansion and healing was one of the methods employed. This study showed a direct correlation between those who received long distance healing and a decrease in symptoms, as well as a decrease in not developing new symptoms associated with the disease. Currently there are other studies underway to support the understanding of these effects.

Since there is no boundary in time and space, healing is able to cross over time zones and physical location. Often clients are able to relax and engage with the energy in a deeper way. Some people report a deeper, richer experience when receiving the work at home. The process for long distance sessions is the same as noted above with a few minor changes.

You will have contact with your practitioner by phone or email before the session. We ask you to create an environment free from distractions. Some people like to play soothing music during this time. Many people have very direct experience and sensation of the energy even though it is not occurring in person. We ask you to be open to the possibility that energy is not limited to time and space, and that something larger than your personality is guiding your healing. It might be helpful for you to think of the energy as a form of sunlight, able to fall upon the ocean, the trees, a box holding a flower. The light is not limited by the container but rather moves through the particles of air and water following a natural flow of the universe.

Your Practitioners

Deb Schnitta is the originator of Cellular Expansion and Healing, an advanced energy training to assist others in working with the human body at the level of cellular illness. A gifted channel and clairvoyant, she has been working for many years in the fields of self-growth and consciousness and assisting others in their evolution. She is particularly drawn to areas of consciousness that affect our human bodies and quality of life in the world. Bridging to her solid foundation in nursing, Deb offers a unique understanding to how the body heals.

Compassionate and open-hearted, she has learned much through working in partnership with higher consciousness. Through this connection, she has learned about her own humanness as well as the divine order of life events, a higher emanation of our lives beyond the limitations of matter. It is with this perspective that she assists others along their path of growth.

A Registered Nurse by training, Deb uses her skills of subtle energy perception to teach others about their inner possibilities, whether that is about healing illness in their own lives, supporting others to heal or learning about how to live life more fully.

An accomplished author, Deb has written books on healing, using energy in business and opening to guidance. She has also pioneered energy programs to support healing, spiritual evolution and living life from a place of ease. One of thirty healers chosen from a national search to participate in a university-based study on the effects of long distance healing and AIDS, Deb enjoys contributing to the understanding of energy and connection as a way of life. Her revolutionary experiences with healing are frequently noted in magazine articles and books about healing.

Deb offers distance-healing appointments for both adults and children who desire support with healing and life issues. You may choose to receive distance healing for any area of your life. Appointments are offered on Wednesdays and are scheduled in EST time to avoid confusion.

To schedule a distance healing appointment with Deb please click here to fill out an appointment form (you will be redirected to our other site www.vanati.com to complete the form and secure payment) including a payment method via our secure encrypted website. You will then be contacted by email to schedule an appointment time.

The fee for the session is $100.00. Payment is handled by Visa or MasterCard and is processed the Monday before your session.

To optimize your healing, at the designated time, set a quiet space for yourself without interruptions. You might like to use quiet music to help you relax. Many clients prefer to receive distance healing at night before going to bed, as the experience is often peaceful and profound. Please allow an hour for the entire process, including integration afterwards.

To support integrating your session we suggest the following:

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Journal or write about your experience. Much has transpired outside the conscious mind. Journaling in this way supports access to these insights. Your experience in this process of healing is what is significant.

The process of healing is unique for each person. Oftentimes the inner experience that occurs during a distance CE session is very rich and dynamic. Because of this Deb has incorporated a process into the sessions she provides.

Should you desire feedback from your session then email your experience within 24 hours. Deb will respond with any impressions that have arisen during your session as well as any next practical steps to support your ongoing healing.

Often clients find inner resonance/awareness and end up not desiring or needing
feedback. This procedure let's Deb honor this process for the client and meet their individual needs for each session.

Sessions are 30 minutes in length. The fee is $100.00.

Twenty-Four Hour Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a session, we ask that you contact us 24 hours before your scheduled time. For example, if your appointment is at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, you would need to call us before 1 p.m. Tuesday in order to not be charged for your session. This allows us to serve the needs of our clients more efficiently. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation

Pauline Dishler has over twenty-five years serving the health community. She has frequently been on the leading edge of change and innovation in seeking new solutions to existing situations. Her ability to transform dense held energy in the form of illness or emotional discomfort makes her a leader in the mind body field of exploration. Her willingness to push the envelope with each session contributes to her overall prowess as a healer and facilitator of health. Pauline works with a variety of clients including those who are seeking support for chronic and complex health issues and life situations as well as those interested in exploring their spiritual path.

Pauline has studied with Barbara Brennan, one of the founders in mind body medicine. A registered nurse with a Masters in Education, she offers a solid bridge between traditional and complimentary medicine. Pauline has completed postgraduate studies in advanced energy training. She incorporates all these principles in the unique way she approaches her role as a facilitator for a client's wellness.

Pauline is a gifted channel and integrator of complex thoughts and energy. Through her synthesis of many dimensions of healing, she offers a unique perspective on life. She views all of life as a quest for sacredness. Pauline has invested many years in the study and experience of different disciplines. She holds an inner knowing of the human energy field, the patterns of creation and destruction of illness, and the accessing of a higher plane of understanding.

Sessions are 45 minutes in length. The fee is $100. Long distance sessions are available as well. To schedule an appointment with Pauline, email us at vanati@vanati.com.

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