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Cellular Expansion and Healing™
A path of healing… A way of life.

Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is a form of hands-on energy work that supports the resolution of constrictions and illness at the level of the cells. The relief of constrictions allows for physical, emotional and mental healing at the root cause and supports living a life of joy.

Cellular Expansion acknowledges the body's innate desire for balance and invites in the power of healing from within. By extending energy to the source (the cells) of any situation, change transpires at the level of cause, rather than at a level of symptoms. In this way lasting healing occurs.

CE interacts with the consciousness that exists within the cells. Old beliefs, thoughts, impressions and issues that limit our largest expression in the world are all held within the matter of our tissues, bones and cells. Accessing this consciousness with the stable and receptive light of Cellular Expansion creates profound alignment with the Soul and is a path of enlightenment.

Using the subtle energy of Cellular Expansion, practitioners learn how to extend this healing energy to others while becoming aware of their own larger consciousness and life work. CE supports the unfolding of our deepest spiritual nature, our greater consciousness as an active aspect in our daily lives.

"Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE) is living a life of peace-peace that emerges as participants expand into their larger selves in a fully supported fashion. Life changes from here- it becomes the expression of your Soul - in family, in life work, in how the personality itself is supported to live a life of joy. The transformation for students that occurs during the first weekend of study still leaves me in awe." - Deb Schnitta, originator of CE

"CE has literally opened a doorway for me into a whole new universe of experience, one where old patterns and stuck places transform with effortless ease. The first weekend, I asked myself 'can I really allow things to be this easy?' Upon completion of the course, I am finding that indeed I can.

During the CE course, I experienced a shift in how I normally perceive my self and my experience. My personality, which normally is front and center, in the driver's seat, so to speak, slowly began to recede to the background and trade places in a sense with a much larger, vaster, deeper part of myself, which came to the fore. This blending connected me with a still, peaceful, grounded, expanded state. From this connection, my entire life has begun to transform.

As one example, a long-held pattern of anxiety is releasing, dissolving with incredible ease apart from any discernable effort on my part. My personality is now enjoying being 'along for the ride' rather than white-knuckling it while trying to be in control in the 'driver's seat.' Life is infinitely more interesting and less stressful this way, and much more fun!"
- A Happy Practitioner

Students are often amazed at the profound evolutionary transformation that occurs in the first weekend of study. The phrase, “I have never experienced anything like this” from the most seasoned students of healing and consciousness is the most common feedback. Recognized as the energy medicine of the future, CE opens the door for each student to reach his or her capacity in this life, regardless of interests and previous training.

Whether you seek to become a practitioner and support others in their quest for healing, are working with your own health/ life issues, or are a student of consciousness and enlightenment Cellular Expansion is a support for living a life of ease, peace and alignment with who you truly are.

From a deep place of support, cells transform, promoting health and lasting change in how you live life. Expansion creates the path of awakening in your cells that supports movement out into the world of your deepest wisdom and essence.

Part of Energy Medicine that is inclusive and complementary to other modalities, CE has supported healing for those working with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, ADHD, depression and life issues that affect relationship, job, happiness and much more.

CE follows principles of physics and resonance. Energy, as the basic unit of life and consciousness, is extended to your system to assist your cells in resonating at the highest level possible. Often cells that are ill or constricted in fear are not resonating as clearly as possible. Through using the Vanati principles of CE, energy is delivered directly to the cells where it is needed. Support for personal development and growth might involve learning how to let go of old traumas or stories. It might involve learning new ways of being in the world from expansion and aliveness rather than from holding yourself back.

"I have always been a controlling person trying to effect outcomes that are impossible and make everything turn out the way I want. I was able to let go of this need bit by bit and live a more accepting, patient, fearless life. My family has noticed the change because I no longer overreact to problems or setbacks, rather treating them as challenges and learning experiences. I know that I will always be evolving and changing and look for new opportunities to do so. Cellular Expansion has allowed for transformation of fear (I can now enjoy travel by air!) and anger (being able to let go of ancient baggage). I have connected with my soul and true essence of who I am which allows me to live a more peaceful life with no need for drama. I truly like and love myself for the first time!" -L.R. legal advocate against domestic violence

A practitioner trained in CE learns how to hold his or her energy in an open, receptive field. This enhances resonance and supports a deep level of healing at the root cause of illness and stress – the cells.

Consciousness, the sum of our waking and non-waking experiences, is stored in the cells. Muscles demonstrate this in a tangible way. Memory of structural orientation, where the muscles are in relation to other muscles and body parts, is impacted during times of stress or injury. A new pattern of orientation quickly sets in place and becomes part of the biologic history. Once attention is paid to the affected area through massage, stretching, etc., the unwinding or redistribution of these competing muscle alignments begins. The cells, which have been aligned longest in a pattern, simply continue to do so, providing the signal or request for the body to realign to its pre-injured state.

One need only think of a hurtful relationship to feel the guarded nature of the heart, hoping not to recreate a painful situation. This often occurs without the waking conscious attention of the individual and indicates the intention to limit inflow and be protected.

CE impacts the total history of an individual, both conscious and unconscious through gentle invitation at the level of the cells to engage and release what
Cellular Expansion and Healing Practitioner Training with Deb Schnitta impedes the body’s natural rhythm and flow.

Described by many in the healing profession as a whole new way of experiencing energy, CE opens doorways to learn about yourself as a practitioner, a human being and a facilitator of change. Students are often amazed at how deeply their own lives are affected both during the study and then practice of CE.

"Class was so much more than I could have ever imagined.  Just when I thought that it could not amaze me any more, it did that and so much more.  It has not only changed my work as a practitioner, but it has changed my life helping me to move through past issues and grow into more of the person I was reaching for. And, It's amazing how much I feel non-separation between myself and the client when I do the work."
-N.R., Massage therapist and Reiki Master

Cellular Expansion and Healing acknowledges the body's innate desire for balance and invites in the power of healing from within. Whether you seek to become a practitioner of this energy and support others in their quest for healing or are working with your own health issues, Cellular Expansion is a doorway of exploration for how matter and light interact. Consciousness, old beliefs, thoughts, impressions and areas that represent our orientation to the world are all held within the matter of our tissues, bones and cells. Through accessing this consciousness with the stable and receptive light of Cellular Expansion balance can be achieved. Balance is present when energy is able to move in and out freely of a system with no limitations. Cellular Expansion exists as a high state of flow that supports the exploration of balance. Many graduates report feeling peace, expansion and a deep sense of connection with All That Is in many areas of their lives.

Using the subtle energy of Cellular Expansion, practitioners learn how to extend this healing energy to others while becoming aware of their own larger consciousness and life work. By extending energy to the source (the cells) of the imbalance, memory or history, the energy is able to support transformation at the level of cause, rather than at a level of symptoms, which is further away from the source. This may be thought of as offering a warm bath to tired muscles. The muscles (here the imbalance) have the opportunity to be fed, nourished and comforted by the warm water (energy). They can choose to relax and let go of the holding that is present or stay as they are. However, through having an opportunity to make choice, change is possible.

Each time you offer this possibility to the cells a profound doorway of transformation exists. Old patterns of not enough, separation and lack are all nourished and acknowledged as part of the history that was present. In addition to resolving past hurts and limitations, this energy supports the unfolding of our deepest spiritual nature, our greater consciousness as an active aspect of our daily lives. In this way growth becomes evolution.

Almost 8 months ago, I began to experience rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder. About six weeks ago it became painful enough that I could no longer sleep on my right side. I would often turn in my sleep and be awakened by the pain. Earlier this week I was listening to a Cellular Expansion class tape for the third time. I was quite awake and conscious of the words as I was working in the kitchen. When it came to the part in the tape which asks us for an area where we would like to effect change, I chose the rotator cuff. All this while walking around cleaning!

That night I found myself sleeping on the right side with no pain. In some disbelief, I decided I had the wrong shoulder and it must be my left rotator cuff that was my problem. But it wasn't, it was the right and for two nights I am free of pain and though there is some soreness still there, the change is drastic.

I would have to think of this as instant transformation!

–I.M., author/teacher/CE practitioner
For Those Who:

  • Want to effect change and growth in a supportive environment.Hands on cellular expanasion and healing practitioner training.
  • Desire to explore and deepen mind / body connection at a cellular level.
  • Seek to explore profound transformative states of healing on all levels.
  • Desire to learn about substance bilocation and how things come apart and are created.
  • Have a longing for enlightenment and connection to Source, Oneness, Spirituality.            

Learn To:

  • Consciously connect with your Larger Self.
  • Communicate directly with the cells.
  • Facilitate change at a cellular level for yourself and others.
  • Surrender to a deep space of connection.
  • Explore consciousness in new ways.
  • Apply the principles of resonance and expansion to your everyday life.

The desire to become a practitioner is not a requirement to explore this avenue of study. Part of a path of personal growth and enlightenment, Cellular Expansion and Healing allows you to begin to explore your orientation to self, to higher consciousness and to the world around you from a grounded, supported and yet expanded state. Students often apply these skills to other areas of life, including business, parenting, healing old wounds and issues, music, art, and other healing modalities.

Through hands-on bodywork trades, guided meditation, partner exercises and question and answer sessions students are supported in unwinding aspects of the personality and discovering their true essence. Class meets for two long weekends but occurs over a six-month period to allow for deeper integration and exploration of the energy and concepts. Daily transmissions from the instructors support this process between class in addition to homework assignments. Bring a bodywork table, pillows and blankets, pen and notebook, water, snacks.

"The entire course of study has in fact provided a path to enlightenment and has proven to be pivotal in my search for connection (filling that place of longing and emptiness inside). As the person on the table receiving a session from one of my fellow students, there was a time when there was nothing in the room – I could not discern my physical body, the other students, the table – there was only Love. In fact, at that moment, I knew that Love was all there is, and I also knew that I was experiencing the pure essence of God."

Wynne Brown, MD

"Since beginning my studies of CE with Vanati, my whole world has transformed. It has expanded my understanding of consciousness, healing and connection with Spirit. As a physical therapist, the healing energies of Cellular Expansion have greatly enhanced the treatment sessions with my clients. They feel better, faster. It is truly an honor to be able to offer this modality to others to assist in their healing process. I am grateful to have such wonderful teachers as Deb Schnitta and Mikala to guide me along my pathway of evolution."

Tina K. Wettengel, MPT, ATC Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer
To learn more about CE and spiritual development, click here.
To read a student's story of her experience with CE, click here.


2019 CLASS  (Registration is closed)

June 13-16, 2019 AND November 21-24, 2019 

2020 CLASS

July 9-12, 2020 AND December 10-13, 2020 (Deadline for Registration WITH deposit is June 11, 2020)

* Attendance at both weekends is required.

Times: 10AM-6 PM, please create a retreat like setting for yourself during class, with minimal evening commitments. Participants need to be present for the full class time each day. If traveling by plane, please leave one and a half to two hours after class to arrive at airport, check in and depart.

Tuition: $1200 for six month course plus $200 for class materials for a total of $1400. Tuition payments of $525 are due 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each weekend. 

Deposit of $350.00 ($150.00 for repeat students) due with registration as noted above.  Deposit is non-refundable.

Location: Kearns Spirituality Center, 9000 Babcock Boulevard, Allison Park, PA  15101  

Bring: A notebook, pen, bodywork table, blankets and pillows.  Please dress comfortably and in layers, as the teaching space may feel cool to some.  Create a retreat-like setting for yourself with water and snacks.

Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, essential oil, fragrant lotion, or any other type of fragrance in order to respect those who may have allergies. Thank you for your support.

For enrollment and payment plan options, directions and hotel information, please click here. You will be redirected to the practitioner training page on www.vanati.com. There you will find links to enrollment forms, secure online checkout, and payment plan information. Thank you.

Hotel /Travel Info


Pittsburgh is served by many discount airlines. For ease in locating these, click here to visit www.flypittsburgh.com.

To explore the energy of Cellular Expansion and Healing you may wish to:

Participate in the free distance healing on Monday evenings,

Use the energy program Cellular Expansion and Healing,

Receive a session from a trained graduate of our program, or

Schedule an appointment with the originator and teacher, Deb Schnitta.

Deb Schnitta has pioneered this groundbreaking path of study with her guides and teachers, Mikala and the Communities of Light. Deb works in partnership with these beings who are here to support the evolution of humanity. How we perceive illness and respond to its presence is one part of that evolution. A Registered Nurse by training, Deb has explored the consciousness of illness from the vantage point of Cellular Expansion for over twenty years. Using her ability to sense energy at the level of the cells, she offers a unique perspective not only into healing but how we, as practitioners, may evolve to reach our highest potential.

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