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Healing Testimonials

Below are some examples from clients and practitioners and their experience of Cellular Expansion. Although the issues and illness you may be exploring are different, there is a commonality to all experiences. The effects of Cellular Expansion and Healing promote profound connection which encourages not just an expanded state of consciousness from which to live and explore life, but also a place to heal and resolve old issues with great ease.

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Clients who have been supported by CE include:

  • Non verbal Autistic child who speaks
  • Child with learning disabilities gets all A’s for first time, after three months of treatment
  • Child with Down’s syndrome makes incredible progress and amazes her therapists
  • Individual with cancer goes into complete remission
  • Osteoporosis changes demonstrated on medical tests
  • Woman with abnormal lab values that baffle doctors resolves within two months
  • Woman with diabetes, previously unmanageable, resolves imbalance and has normal blood sugar levels for over one year
  • Individual with long standing debilitating pain gets off all pain medicine

A few examples from clients include:

“For me Cellular Expansion is meditation on God and myself. It is offered in a gentle manner, and contributes to the healing of the practitioner as well as the receiver. When one centers on an intention, such as self-improvement, better health, better relationships, the practitioner becomes a "prayer partner.” I enjoy these sessions which I view as a "gift.”

-T.M. C. (client challenged with leukemia.)

My husband has had a great response with his arthritis from CE sessions. He tells everyone!!  He had a lot of pain in his knees and could not do a lot of walking. Steps would do him in. Now he has MUCH less pain, uses the steps all the time, cuts the grass, does yard work, etc.

 -R. B., CE practitioner and therapist

Cellular Expansion has quickly become the most important and successful form of physical and emotional relaxation for me while facilitating cerebral and spiritual awareness. Quite simply, it is a mental refresher that helps to jettison mind clutter and recharge.

-G. vD., Broadcaster

Cellular expansion has changed my life in so many ways, primarily as a tool for living in the present. Applications of Cellular are endless and I am continually in awe when fears are dispelled and intentions are manifested.

-L.R., CE practitioner/legal advocate

"During my cellular session, I set an intention to clear my heart of relationships that were no longer serving me. When my practitioner focused the energy near my heart area, I felt a lightness and expansion I had never experienced before. Within days, some heart doors that were no longer serving me closed, while others opened and my life has never been the same since. I am so grateful for the changes that occurred with CE. "


My Cellular Expansion sessions have involved deep healing through a connection between my mind, body and spirit.
The physical relaxation, centered thought on my intentions and the will of my spirit to receive expansion, affords the opportunity for enlightenment. For me it is a sacred time that reminds me to be open and connected with all aspects of my humanity and spirituality. I am always grateful for the experience."

-T.J.C. graduate student

"When I realized that Cellular expansion had transformed my bi-polar condition, leaving me depression free for four consecutive years,
I began to study with Vanati in order to become a practitioner. I felt that anything this powerful had to be explored and offered to others. The results have been ongoing transformation in many other areas of my own life, and the deep joy of discovering that through partnership and surrender, I can offer transformation to others who are open to Cellular Expansion."

- I.M. Author, and teacher

"After years of studying other forms of energywork, I finally decided to take the plunge and offer Cellular Expansion and Healing to my psychotherapy clients. I felt the benefits I had witnessed in my own life with CE had to be offered to others. I began to offer clients the option of hour and a half sessions and incorporated the energy session as part of the therapy process. I sat with my mouth wide open as the changes occurred in issues we had worked on together for a long time in just ONE energy session. I consider myself to be a skilled psychotherapist, and the only thing different was Cellular Expansion! My clients noticed the difference and ease in which old held thoughts, feelings and patterns merely melt away."

- C.R., Psychotherapist

"Cellular Expansion has become part of my life, as some people would exercise their bodies, worship at a church on Sunday or seek professional therapy and it has provided all of the benefits of the above mentioned and more.

For years I attempted to 'make it right.' The 'it' being my life, but some time the self inflicted and requested lessons we chose to learn take more than the magic therapist (FYI--he doesn't exist), a nation wide prescription of Zoloft, self-help books, or self medication.

After trying all the above in different combinations and really not shedding any old skin I had the GREAT fortune of being directed to "Cellular Expansion." Was I resistant? Yes. Was I skeptical? Yes. But the commitment to heal myself was sincere and at that point, desperate. Desperate in the sense that I couldn't and wouldn't go through the motions without any tangible results any more. Honestly, I will not say, "Oh one Cellular Session and presto change." But the transformation in my life over time is almost unbelievable. All the beautiful fragmented splinters of my self are/ have/ continue to be pulled back together. Is it uncomfortable at times? Certainly, but if we could remember the physical sense of birth, coming through I doubt any of us would be here. Is it a blessing on this planet, here and now? Yes, and I can easily say it was not before.

The best part about Cellular Expansion is all you have to do is physically show up, and at that point in my life, that's about all I could do. It helps if the rest of you shows up too, but the energy is REALLY patient."

- B.N., a happy cellular recipient

"My exploration into Cellular Expansion began with a medical diagnosis of osteoporosis, which at age 53 was very scary. My gynecologist started me on a regimen of natural hormone replacement and calcium and suggested that I might try Cellular Expansion which she also practiced. At that point I was willing to try anything.

Surely I did not know what to expect, but from the very beginning I found the sessions to be extremely powerful. With the guidance of my practitioner I began to explore areas of my life that were not working and started to see and feel changes emotionally, mentally and spiritually by connecting with my soul for the first time in my life. From this place I was able to recognize messages, lessons and insights that I had never noticed before and embrace them rather than rationalize them away. I began to manifest things in my life that enabled me to live more fully and joyfully rather than fearfully and negatively.

After having several sessions per month for about 8 months, I felt drawn to the idea of studying Cellular Expansion to better understand just what was happening in my life--not necessarily to become a practitioner. From the first class I felt at home and was able through guided meditation to go back to a place of origin where I felt truly safe and begin again a journey of self-discovery and growth.

I have always been a controlling person trying to effect outcomes that are impossible and make everything turn out the way I want. I was able to let go of this need bit by bit and live a more accepting, patient, fearless life. My family has noticed the change because I no longer over-react to problems or setbacks, rather treating them as challenges and learning experiences. I know that I will always be evolving and changing and look for new opportunities to do so. Cellular Expansion has allowed for the transformation of fear (I can now enjoy travel by air!) and anger (being able to let go of ancient baggage). I have connected with my soul and true essence of who I am which allows me to live a more peaceful life with no need for drama. I truly like and love myself for the first time.

This does not mean that I no longer ever revert to my negative personality responses which defined me for much of my life; however, I instantly recognize and alter them because it is now extremely uncomfortable for me to react that way. I have tools and guidance available to me at all times just for the asking.

Studying CE also helped me learn and embrace the concept of surrender. About one year after my bone density test indicating osteoporosis in one spot and osteopenia in three spots, I scheduled a follow-up test. I had just completed the first segment of cellular class and had seen a practitioner for 11 months. A few days before the test the lab called to postpone for one month.

During that time I learned that my hormone tests indicated a major imbalance which would actually contribute to increased bone loss. At that point, I felt a strong need to surrender to what was intended to be--I gave up control and let go of the outcome. The energy exchange during my session on November 14, 2002 was extremely palpable and I felt that some sort of transformation had occurred. I went to the test a week later totally relaxed and actually had to be told to leave when it was over because I nodded off. I knew that no matter what the results were it would ultimately be O.K.

I was thrilled to learn that I went from osteopenia to normal in two spots (11% increase in bone mass) and improved in the other two spots as well. Not one spot is now in the osteoporosis range. In a state of hormone imbalance, I know that there is no explanation for such dramatic improvement other than healing at the cellular level. I continue to make physical balance an intention during my cellular sessions.

During the course of study I performed an average of two sessions per week and continue to see two people on a regular basis. It has been wonderful watching their growth and progression session by session.

I witness my growth as a practitioner as well. The work I do as a legal advocate for domestic violence victims has been enhanced by Cellular Expansion and I have noticed desired outcomes manifest more easily. I feel like I extend my light out to those I serve. I do not yet know whether my path will lead to a formal practice, but it will always be part of my journey. I started Cellular Expansion because of a medical need and consider the diagnosis a great gift because it led me here. I am totally pleased with the physical transformation; however, the changes I have experienced emotionally, spiritually and mentally have had the most profound impact on my life. "

-L.R.- Legal advocate for domestic violence

"Since beginning my studies of CE with Vanati, my whole world has transformed. It has expanded my understanding of consciousness, healing and connection with Spirit. As a physical therapist, the healing energies of Cellular Expansion have greatly enhanced the treatment sessions with my clients. They feel better, faster. It is truly an honor to be able to offer this modality to others to assist in their healing process. I am grateful to have such wonderful teachers as Deb Schnitta and Mikala to guide me along my pathway of evolution."

TKW, MPT, ATC, Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer

"My experience of CE is that it is one of the most transformative forms of energy medicine available to us on the planet. As a physician trained in other energy modalities (Reiki, Acupuncture), I have found the most profound places of healing and change in the energy of CE for myself and for those I am here to serve.

Because there are a number of energy modalities emerging, and because of the similarities in many of the aspects of experiencing these various healing techniques, to the mind, one might think that CE is just another one of those bodywork type of experiences.

In my three years of exploration and work with clients utilizing the energy of CE, I have witnessed consistent and dramatic, life - changing shifts in physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. Working with the consciousness of the cells, while holding them in an expanded state allows the cells to choose to return to balance. My experience of this place of balance has resulted in severe anemia corrected in two weeks, osteoporosis returning to normal bone structure, longstanding life long endocrine imbalance reverting to normal, instantaneous healing of a third degree burn, instantaneous healing of a corneal abrasion, abnormal breast tissue returning to normal, transformation of depression and anxiety, healing of abuse experiences resulting in dissociation with subsequent integration, and many more. Many clients experience, for the first time, who they really are, their essence, and a very deep place of connection that most of us call God.

As a practitioner, I have learned the value and importance of self care through class instruction and class materials. I have, through the generosity of the people who have come to my table, learned to be neutral regarding any issue, and to receive them wherever they are, letting go of the outcome and moving into a state of being. This process of connection with my clients and with the energy of CE, has trained me to be most present and has provided the foundation for my quest to be a healer. The entire course of study has in fact provided a path to enlightenment and has proven to be pivotal in my search for connection (filling that place of longing and emptiness inside).

One of the most dramatic experiences for me as a student happened during one of our practice sessions in class. As the person on the table receiving a session from one of my fellow students, there was a time when there was nothing in the room – I could not discern my physical body, the other students, the table – there was only Love. In fact, at that moment, I knew that Love was all there is, and I also knew that I was experiencing the pure essence of God.

As a physician not frequenting conventional medicine practice for my own self care, I use CE as a first line treatment for my self, my family, our pets, plants and any wild creatures who adopt us as a result of the connection they experience with CE. I am often in awe of the guidance I receive in that space and the ease with which anyone can learn the seemingly endless practical uses of CE.

I have also learned to, from this deep place of connection with other Souls and beings in the world, to manifest things instantly – financial flow, finding my clients, finding animals in nature, finding 'lost' objects, and even finding great parking spaces.

My study of CE has provided a safe, exciting, and nurturing platform through which I can explore who I am and birth my life’s work. "

-WB, M.D.

The Benefits of CE:
  • Decreased judgment of self and others
  • Increased emotional flow; a greater capacity to feel what is present
  • Lack of interest in drama
  • Resolution of intimacy issues
  • Letting go of deep need to do it alone
  • Deep connection with myself
  • Able to be in the moment
  • Ability to help clients heal deep traumas with ease
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