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Healing Energy Programs
Meditation goes to the next level: Energy Programs

Beyond meditation, guided meditation, guided imagery and meditation CDs is the new horizon of Vanati energy programs. Providing direct access to transformative energy to create a life of joy, abundance, health and Soul connection, Vanati energy programs make meditation easier and deeper for the beginner or advanced meditator.

Why enhance your ability to meditate?

Research from top universities proves that meditation reduces stress, blood pressure, heart disease, and anxiety. It increases mental abilities, focus, concentration, longevity...
  • The National Institute of Health reports that regular meditation can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol, health care use, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress response and blood levels of stress hormones.
  • Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that meditation helps heart conditions and reduces high blood pressure, releases tension and creates the willpower and consciousness to be in control of one's life.
  • According to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center researchers, meditation improves stress responses "similar to the physiological impact of exercise conditioning."
  • Researchers at University of Maryland School of Medicine report that meditation relieved stress, reduced rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, reduced cardiovascular risk factors, decreased psychological distress and improved sleep patterns.
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Descriptions of our energy programs and books.

Vanati offers a unique line of recorded programs that go beyond traditional meditation tapes. They are so different that we call them what they are-energy programs.

Designed to assist you in creating the life you desire our programs follow the principles of Quantum Physics- that everything in the universe is made of energy and energetically connected. From here all aspects of life, those seen as internal and external, directly impact all areas of life- health, career, relationships, finance and even living your highest purpose. By learning how to apply energy consciously you open a door to profound change in a supported environment, even from the comfort of your own home.

I had meditated for many years. A friend gave me the single Exploring Transformation for my birthday. I just couldn't put it down! Then I realized by listening I was feeling calmer, centered and more peaceful, and I was at work!!!! I’ve ordered two large sets already and am so excited about all the possibilities! -KP, Great Britain

Through starting at the root cause of any imbalance, lasting change can occur that is smooth and harmonious. Through transformation of old patterns at a cellular level and creating new expanded ways of being, our energy programs create shifts in your life each time you use them.

Meditation programs often work to quiet the mind or reprogram thoughts. Our programs go beneath the layer of consciousness in the mind and access the root cause of the change you desire. From here, the gift of gentle yet powerful energy encourages the cells to release, transform and receive exactly what they need in the moment.

From Deb Schnitta:

I am constantly in awe of the care, compassion and higher understanding of what we each need for our personal healing and evolution, and how thoroughly that is supported in each of these energy programs.

When I listen to these, I am humbled to see how clearly the path of growth and enlightenment is laid out. In supportive step-by-step fashion, we are each held in just the right way, opening the doorway for what is next for us in just that moment in time that we have chosen to listen. All the while aware that the step beyond that is being illuminated for us as well.

Our Energy Programs:

Offer energy directly to your cells. In this way, the substance that is needed for your own transformation and healing is directly accessible. This supports your growth happening at a rate that is right for you. It also involves your own cells and matter becoming more energy-filled which helps assist you to gain a higher state of resonance. Resonance attracts other like- minded areas of consciousness in your direction. The greater your resonance, the more likely you are to attract what serves your highest expression of light.

Promote Healing and Lasting Change. Through offering light in this way, you are engaging with the parts of you that desire to return to balance. Areas of imbalance are present at the time illness is created. In addition, issues of lack, whether it is not enough time, money , love, energy or any other area you desire, represent an imbalance. A fluid system is one in which energy is able to enter, move about freely and extend itself from your system out into the world. Our programs and teachings support the parts of you that are not yet fluid to be held in a way that allows them to choose this place of fluidity in the time that is right for them. Many people report physical healing and changes in their everyday life through use of our programs and the concepts that we teach.

Are guided meditations that offer a transmission of energy. The mind recognizes familiar events in life and is able to draw correlations. This is one mechanism of growth. Another, which is often more effective, is to offer the pure transmission of what you seek and allow the parts of you that are ready to resonate and respond from there. In this way, change occurs from the inside out. Learn more.

Produce an altered state of consciousness. This encourages your soul, as a partner in your explorations to be able to engage more fully with you to support your growth. This expanded state of awareness often takes years to achieve with traditional forms of meditating. Here it is available with the first recording you listen to. In an expanded state of consciousness, other areas of your awareness are able to become more illuminated, supporting your growth and evolution. In this state, your Soul or Greater Consciousness is able to assist you more directly; your mind is not the governing force and the shifts that are possible are profound. Listening to these programs, even if you seem to fall asleep, will provide a benefit. It may take repeated use to achieve the desired effect you are seeking. Follow your intuition and the instructions that are provided for optimal results. For safety purposes, do not use these programs while driving.

Include written teachings, a full home study package. The mind also needs support to engage with what is offered and integrate it into one’s daily life. Lasting change occurs when the mind is able to take in the new skills and energy and draw correlations that support the ability to engage from this place of expansion. To support this, we offer written teachings with each set. These include transcripts of what is on each program as well as additional teachings that complete the picture. This combination allows for a complete package based in whatever topic you have chosen and are often described by excited users as a course in a box.

Use peaceful uplifting music to support your growth. There is nothing subliminal on our programs. Each meditation is accompanied by beautiful music from a high guide of light, Thaddeus. This music supports your relaxation and allows for your system to engage with the teachings that we offer more fully.

Even those who have never had success with meditation in the past find our programs easy to use. Advanced students of meditation are often amazed at how deeply they surrender and the insights that arise using our principles.

“My husband and I are listening to the Transforming the Personality program. We've tried couples counseling, using our communication skills and many other things to create the shifts we desired and needed in our marriage. In just 5 sides of the 8 that are present we each noticed a more harmonious and inclusive way of being with each other. I noticed his patterns no longer triggered me in the same way. He shared that he is able to be with me in ways he always dreamed were possible! I feel so invigorated by the possibilities this path has opened for us both!" -KC, therapist

Where does the energy come from that is on these programs?

In Quantum Physics all energy is available. In our daily lives we were taught about the world of form as a young age, what was hot, the difference between objects, etc. Most of us were not also taught about the world of energy.

As part of the evolution of our awareness we are opening to new ways of being, of thinking and creating. Using energy is part of that process. To consciously create as an aware being is part of that transition. To assist us in this process this energy has been offered in a loving way that respects our choices and free will and opens a doorway that we may move through when we are ready.

All of our energy programs contain the energy and voice of the originator of Cellular expansion and healing, Deb Schnitta as well as her spirit partner, Mikala.

Energywork and Light

Each program that we offer has a gift of light that is held within the stable framework of the recording itself. This light is alive and vital and touches you each time you listen to the words and energy that are offered. This is a very effective and efficient way of supporting growth and change. Light enters matter where there is an opening. You create an opening through your interest and your desire to live life in a different way.

As you grow, the ways that you create openings will change. Each time you choose to come from a higher perspective in any given situation, you are aligning with your Soul and Greater Consciousness. You are strengthening this bond that exists and providing the opportunity to move into a more conscious state of alignment. You could live your entire life from this place of connection. It is rich and full and filled with ease and flow. It is similar to the way that light beings respond and support one another.

When you align with your light and higher wisdom, you create the opportunity for all those around you to be touched in this same way. You create the vision for others to see with; you allow your gifts to be present in the world.

Most of us learned to be in the world from the place of our personality, learning to respond to others in this way, to survive and to exist. When you come from a place of alignment with your light, you move outside the patterns of responses of the personality and come from a place of spacious, peace-filled beingness. You offer your essence, your true nature, instead of your defenses and coping strategies. You give to others freely and you extend your light with each thought, with each breath, with each glance of your loving eyes.

Each program we offer encourages this alignment. It provides the opportunity for you to be held in a spacious way, to relearn this way of being and to remember more fully who you are.

For a complete description of available energy programs, click here.

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Where do I start? The most frequently asked question. It can be a bit daunting starting something so new and exciting. To get you started we’ve included some suggestions. Also check out the descriptions listed with each product.

Take a moment and recall why you first started searching for something. What was it that you were feeling?

1. I feel stuck.

We recommend both connection programs, Receiving the Energy of Connection and Extending Connection to an Area of your Lifeand the Exploring Transformation program. We suggest using them all, rotating the order that you use them, Receiving, Extending, Transforming and then repeat. No, you do not have to listen everyday, but when you do feel drawn, follow this order. This provides a solid foundation for change in a supported fashion.

2. I'm interested in healing (in any area of life, or to support your healing in between sessions with a trained practitioner).

We suggest Cellular Expansion and Healing (CE set) and the Receiving the Energy of Connection program. People often report vast change in their lives using the CE set. Augmenting this with the Receiving Connection program provides support for deepening your own connection to yourself, source, etc., so that as things change it is smooth and easy. In our experience this helps the healing process tremendously.

3. I want to create something in my life; abundance, hear guidance, relationship, new job, etc.

We suggest three singles (Receiving the Energy of Connection, Extending Connection to an Area of your Life and Exploring Transformation) See #1 above.

4. I want support in letting go of old patterns.

Then Transforming the Personality program is for you! This set provides a step-by-step process to unlayer what no longer serves you from your history and patterns and invites in your largest self. We often recommend as a companion Receiving the Energy of Connection. Even for those that feel a strong connection with their higher self and wisdom or God, there is always a deepening available. As the unlayering occurs often the edge of this connection is revealed.

Still unsure?  No worries! Ask Vanati.  You will be redirected to www.vanati.com to answer just a few questions so that our experienced staff can get you on your way.

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