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Descriptions of Vanati Products

These programs support you creating the life you desire. Through releasing constriction and held patterns, connecting with your inner self, opening to personal growth, healing, living a life of ease and joy and much more there is a never ending source of growth and evolution! Below each description is a link for ordering.

We have grouped the programs into categories: Connection, Healing, Partnership, Transformation and Evolution. Click on the category names below to read more about the corresponding energy programs.

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Energy Programs
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  • Receiving the Energy of Connection
  • Extending Connection to an Area of Your Life


  • Cellular Expansion & Healing


  • Manifesting Life Work
  • Deepening Connection: A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships
  • Exploring Relationship with a Light Being


  • Exploring Transformation
  • Transforming the Personality


  • Spiritual Evolution

Emerging Dynamics lays out a new way of looking at business--through the lens of energy awareness--and provides tools for transforming the way we do business. By offering an insider's view into Deb Schnitta's work with traditional businesses from a non-traditional perspective, the author addresses the new paradigm which we, as a culture, are creating.

Emerging Dynamics reflects the realization that energetic principles applied to the world of business is a powerful combination. Deb brings her experience of the corporate environment into her understanding of universal energy dynamics. From here, she takes the reader into the daily application of energetic principles designed to guide the process of manifesting.

The principles spelled out here are suitable for the private practitioner, CEO, division head or anyone desiring to make a difference in what they do and how they work. Applying these principles promotes lasting change and transformation that drive success. Whether you seek new clients, more money or support for your dreams, if you work in a traditional or non-traditional arena, applying these skills will assist in creating the stable foundation for ongoing growth.

Deb is a business consultant and teacher of how the human energy field interacts with the world around us for many years. A pioneer in the field of energy medicine, she applies these skills to business as a living, breathing organism/ She offers simple insights into both worlds in a way that readers can apply from day one.

Deb begins the process of business consulting with a systems analysis exploring the health and vitality of your organization from an energetic perspective. Consults may be for an initial assessment and suggested plan of implementation or a more comprehensive approach involving detailed one to one coaching for your organization.

To inquire about her services for yourself or organization, email her at vanati@healingcells.com

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What others are saying about Emerging Dynamics:

As soon as I read about the need for containers, I realized what had been missing! I had been looking for what I had done wrong, what else was needed, and all along there was actually no place for what I desired to show up.

After reading this book, I understand that what I need is to change how I've been doing business. I no longer fear I will fail in my efforts; I feel like I have the tools I've needed all along.

The more I sit with the concepts from Emerging Dynamics, the more I come to this realization--finding the right fit for me, where my contributions can be received is as important in the equation of finding a job as what I will offer the company.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Dedication

1.     The Higher Purpose of Business

2     Getting Started
  • The Role of the Soul in Business
  • Creating with Others
3     Energy Exploration in Business

4     Exploring Business as Energy

5     Exploring Unconsciousness as it Relates to Your Business

6     Applying Consciousness to Your Business

7     Creating Containers
  • Applying Clarity as a Way to Manifest What You Desire
  • The Difference Between Spiritual Work and What We Do for a Living   

8     Understanding the Significance of Containers
  • Attending to Your Containers 

9     The Role of Containers in Meeting Our Purpose

10    Blending with Your Soul

11    Assessing Inflow and Outflow

12    Connecting with Those We are Here to Serve

13    Connecting with Your Life Work
  • Finding a Way to Tell Others What You Do

14    Energy Exchange
  • Bringing Clarity and Balance to Business Decisions
  • How Do I Change My Rates Now That I Have Clarity

15    Maintaining Containers

16    Knowing When to Dismantle Containers and Rebuild

Closing Thoughts

List of Exercises
  • Initial Business Intake
  • Preliminary Assessment of Belief Systems about Manifesting
  • Gaining Clarity on Who You are Here to Serve
  • Exploring Qualities of Your Business
  • Exploring Consciousness
  • Insight Into the Significance of Containers
  • Visualization: Connecting with Higher Flows
  • Visualization: Opening to Life Work
  • Expressing What You Offer
  • Finding the Value of What You Offer

Sample Section

Getting Started

When you bring the concepts of energy into your business, you are saying to the Universe, "I choose to create in a new way." There is support for this type of learning and exploration. Your Soul, as a partner in your earth life, is versed in energy in ways that you may not have yet begun to explore consciously. Having this as a thought in the background may prove useful. Some part of you knows already how to perceive things as energy. It understands the principles of resonance and attraction in deep ways. This part of you exists in a form of light energy that operates through the exchange of light energy with others. Your personality can be one aspect of consciousness that your Soul interacts with in this way.

This book does not assume you have a conscious connection with your Soul already. It assumes you are open to the possibility that there is more to you than your thoughts and feelings. It assumes you are willing to open to the possibility that there is another way to find what you are looking for, whether that be clients, business partners or a whole new way of thinking about yourself. Each section has exercises to begin to explore not only yourself from this perspective but the structures of your business as well. When you find these exercises, write your responses down. This will assist you later as you look back at what you have learned, and also in building a conscious glimpse into who you are and how you operate and create. Write your thoughts and responses in a separate notebook, so your copy of the questions will be available for future use from a non-biased perspective. You may be drawn to read through this book in one sitting or use it as a home study program, supporting your evolution in a different fashion. Regardless of where you are beginning and what you seek to create, the process is the same. Getting to know your self, your thoughts and beliefs, having insight into how you can create from energy and bring that creation into form all occur the same way, whether you are newly building your business or whether you seek to recreate an existing structure.

Bringing energy into your business helps define who you are and who you are here to serve. It brings a sense of vitality to what you do and gives you an opportunity to create from a higher perspective. Once you learn the basic principles outlined in this book, you will have the opportunity to create from this perspective throughout the life of your business as well as your life in general.

Bringing clarity to what you desire to create is important. It is not necessary to know exactly what you want to create, but having clarity begins to open the personality self to the larger flows that exist, such as your Soul and the Universe. Having clarity is a part of making choice. Most of us make millions of choices in our lives without true clarity. Sometimes we guess, sometimes we blindly move from one activity to another, barely aware there was choice available. As we move more fully into creating in a conscious way, your responsibility as the human steward in the process is to bring clarity to the situation.

Clarity can be derived in many ways. Often there is a wisdom within us that knows already what is necessary. The process of getting to that wisdom is different for each person but requires some element of unlayering through all the confusion and extraneous thoughts until something solid is felt or connected within some fashion. Clarity then, may be thought of as the product of the unlayering. Moving through the layers will reveal different levels of clarity. Just as there are not good or bad choices, there is not one destination known as clarity.

Years ago I went to nursing school to be better able to support myself and pay for art school, which at the time was my deepest known passion. The study of nursing allowed me to enter into an exploration of the human body and the spirit and the ways in which the connection between the two may be felt. Although I was only seventeen and my attention was elsewhere than on my spiritual development, there was the opportunity for my Soul or higher wisdom to guide me. I did not hear this guidance; in fact, I did not even know it existed. Somehow though, the whispers of my Soul were able to get through to me as I was making choice. The clarity I had was very basic. As a personality, I thought the required one-year training was easy, affordable and would give me greater job stability. It also did not conflict with the schedule of art classes I was ‘really’ interested in. I did not for a moment think that nursing would open any doorways other than security and a means to an end.

Where we begin to explore what it is that we want to create and the clarity we have is usually within the comfort zone of the personality. Having clarity may then require some change, but is not so drastic that we have to give up everything we have created. In the beginning, the personality may actually set the tone for how much change occurs. The Soul is fine with this, as is the Universe. There is an expectation that your rate of growth will be tempered by your free will. What you choose and how you choose to interact with your higher consciousness will impact what occurs. It is not necessary for you to hear or sense guidance. As a young person starting out, I merely believed I was engaged in a rational thought process that would begin a new chapter in my life.

If you are already aware of your Soul as an extension of who you are in the world, then consciously invite that aspect into your exploration here. Be open to the possibility that there is wisdom far greater than what you could think of at the rational level of your mind and begin the process of connecting with that wisdom, now in this very moment.

Allow yourself to feel the presence of your Soul in some way. Imagine the two of you are reading these words together. Imagine your Soul is illuminating what is next for you. Even if you do not ‘feel’ or perceive something as yet, a powerful process occurs each time you invite in your Soul. This may initially happen as a stream of thought through the doorway of your imagination.

Your Soul is not attached to who gets credit for the thoughts and inspiration that move through you. It honors you as a partner that is very significant in its existence. Without you as the human partner, the Soul would not have the level of exploration it has available to it right now. A Soul needs physical form to enter the earth realm of matter and form. It requires partnership with you, as the personality, to begin the exploration of being human, being light in matter and having experiences in the world of matter. Similarly, it allows for the learning of you, as the personality, about this other aspect of you, the Soul. The exchange that is possible is quite profound. You have the opportunity to live in this lifetime as a conscious blended composite being, one aware of its Soul and operating from its place of influence in all you do. This study of energy and business is one such doorway into that union.

Begin by assessing honestly where you are right now in the process of developing your business. Take a look at what is present and what you desire to create. If you are working for someone else, then explore how you would like to create space for your greatest impact to be present.

Start by working with the following exercise. Use it not to see if you can guess the right answers but as an honest indicator of the belief systems of your mind. How things are thought about, perceived and responded to all impact how we create. This tool is a beginning point that invites in the perceptions of the mind as part of the process of creation. Take as much time as you need to answer the questions.

Initial Business Intake


What I want to create:

What I believe that will take:

My thoughts on how this will be accomplished:

Describe your business:

Describe the current situations you would like to address today:

The Role of the Soul in Business

The mind’s orientation to how it perceives the world is significant. If it perceives that there is plenty of support and energy, then it will respond in one way. If it perceives lack, it will come from a different place of orientation. Looking into your answers to the previous questions will provide some insight into how you view the world around you. This exercise is not for you to judge yourself but rather an opportunity to deepen your awareness of who you are.

How you operate is important in the equation of bringing energetic principles into your business. If you are uncertain as to who you are from the larger perspective, then there will be a tendency to create from just the level of the personality. Although useful as a tool in the process of creation, the personality is just one aspect of what is available.

In order to support the process of moving into an expanded state of consciousness as a co-creative partner for what you desire, it is important to get know yourself in this way. You could think of it as building a new relationship with a friend or co-worker. There is a period of taking in information, of getting to know the other person. As the relationship deepens, you have the opportunity to view your exchanges from a conscious perspective. If you also explore the relationship with your Soul from this perspective, you begin to see that you have patterns of operating or responding that may or may not be conscious to you.

The following exercise, Preliminary Assessment of Belief Systems about Manifesting, is to help build conscious awareness around how you currently orient in the process of manifesting, in this snapshot of time. As you go through the process of answering the questions, make space for what is not as conscious to your mind to come to the surface.

Preliminary Assessment of Belief Systems about Manifesting

Write something down for each category, even if your mind feels the concepts are irrelevant.

In order to surrender to the Universe and its flows, I would need to:

As I build a deeper relationship with my Soul, I expect:

When things move smoothly and easily around me, I:
  • collapse
  • get excited
  • expect things to fall apart soon
  • wonder why it is happening for me and not others (feel guilty)

As you look back at what you have written, take a few moments to reflect here. Did you find thoughts and beliefs that were surprising?

In exploring your views about having conscious relationship with your Soul, several things may arise. I frequently hear clients say things such as, "Oh, I’m going to have a lot of responsibility then." "There are a lot of things I am going to have to do if I start hearing my Soul more, if I start feeling my Soul more, if I start having a deeper connection there," or "I’m going to be asked to do things that maybe I don’t want to do or might seem a little scary to me."

All of these responses have to do with the place of orientation of the mind associated with the personality.

The mind’s perspective is setting the tone for your beliefs and ultimately, your responses. To better understand where the orientation arises, listen to who is speaking. What is the quality of support present? Are the words filled with doubt and fear? If what you are looking to manifest has not shown up yet, then there is some impedance to flow. What are your beliefs around that subject? Do these beliefs come from the place of orientation of your mind? Are they based in reality? Is the content of your thoughts mirrored by what actually currently exists? It is not about doing something wrong or not having the answer or the right language or not knowing how to do it. There is impedance to flow. All this is about getting to know internally what your belief systems are so that you can find those places where they then mirror out into your life. This is not a wall of resistance at all. It is an opportunity to gain more clarity about who you are and what you are offering out into the world as your expression. Time spent here will be invaluable to your process of gaining clarity.

The more you align with your Soul and its understanding of your purpose, the more opportunity you have to create next steps that are harmonious. This process moves you down the path easily and abundantly. One of the expectations I have of deepening my relationship with my Soul is gaining deeper support. At the personality level, I have old beliefs that get in the way of this harmonious union. Beliefs such as, "I have to do it alone or if something is not working, I must have done something wrong" operate in the background for me like old tapes. From a place of alignment with my Soul, there are opportunities to look at what gets in the way. Getting to know these beliefs in a non-judgmental way will assist me in creating what I desire.

We are creating all the time. I created lots of things myself or so I thought. I went to nursing school because I thought I did not have enough money for art school. It was only a one-year program and provided good job opportunities, so I went to nursing school to get money to go to art school. I did not think that being a nurse would open so many doorways. It gave me financial abundance. I could get a job very easily at a young age and was able to live in several different places throughout the United States. Nursing gave me exposure to human beings who were in different states of vulnerability. It gave me the opportunity to work with people who were in comas, and that is where I learned about healing. I had some of my first spiritual experiences my first year out of nursing school; some of my patients gave me great teachings. It opened doorways that I still benefit from today.

My personality likes to think that I picked going to nursing school. It likes the illusion that I made a sensible decision. When I was sixteen, my mother said, "you have to get a job for the summer. You have a couple of options. You can be a counselor at a summer camp for kids or you can get a job in a nursing home." Those were the jobs that were available in our geographic area. If I got a job at the camp, it would just be for the summer. So I thought to get a job in a nursing home and that just opened one door after another after another. At sixteen I was hardly being that practical; there was some higher power operating.

Looking back at our history can often provide clues to where we are heading. When you begin to look at your business, regardless of its current form, begin to explore it with new eyes. Imagine that you are telling someone who knows nothing of what you do, your history or what you desire to create. Imagine you are telling yourself about what you dream. Imagine you know nothing about energy or that you are an energy master already. Play with this from every perceivable angle. There is not one way to approach the study and exploration of your business any more than there is one way to approach your life. Playing with these and similar questions will help build conscious awareness of your dreams and desires.

Business is a series of energy units or units of consciousness. Every action that you or other members of the organization take in your business affects the quality and quantity of the energy available in your business. How you act is as important as what goods or services you provide.

Business then, is the exploration of light and matter as it expresses itself out into the world. You, as light in matter, interact with other aspects of consciousness housed within the structure of your business and create patterns of light and energy. These patterns attract other particles of light to join in the creation of a beautiful web or mandala. Each aspect of your business has an energetic structure like this web that supports its function as well as its growth and expression. Learning to interact with this energy gives you a deeper ability to create consciously in ways that invite in more light and energy. Energy that is attracted naturally to your structure will be harmonious and complimentary to what you have created so far.

As a structure reaches a place of resonance or ability to generate a consistent field of light and energy, it will become self-sustaining from the perspective of energy. There will still be things in the earth plane that need attention, just as your physical body needs food and rest. However, when a state of self-sustaining or self-generating energy is met in your structures, they are alive in ways that carry more of your Soul’s essence out into the world. As more of your essence goes out, other individuals (clients, employees, vendors and others that you are here to serve and be served by) are able to find you more easily, whether or not they are aware of energy as your medium of communication.

Bringing light into matter makes the matter more vibrant and alive. It invites in other streams of light to join in the creative process. Having a light-based business invites in others to contribute their light, whether or not they are aware of this medium of exchange. Having a structure that invites in others to create in this way allows for business to be the receptacle for a wealth of ideas as well as a wealth of units of creativity. A business supports these individuals, both as a container to receive their thoughts and expressions of light, as well as by giving them a place of connection in the earthplane. In addition, the business gives back to the individuals in the way of exchanging energy. As a live, conscious aspect of creation, each business has an opportunity to support all those that come in contact with it. There is no limit to how much energy can flow through a business once the structures are in place and the energy flows are unimpeded. In this way, the impact of a small business may be the same energetically as a larger business.

Energy Programs

One of the streams of consciousness and energy that we have spent time birthing in a new way is the energy of Connection. Connection is present in all aspects of life, between human beings and plants, between animals and the ocean, between all life forms and extensions of consciousness. This energy has been studied in many traditions. We offer this particular form, which is stable and accessible, to provide a framework for the human personality to begin to heal its issues of separation.

Where there is lack, whether it is of time, money, love or safety, there is a place of separation or disconnection. Connection allows for the healing of unresolved issues from childhood as well as the stabilization of the personality for deeper connection with the Soul.

Moving into this state of energy in a conscious way allows for the transformation of old held patterns of density that exist wherever you have unresolved issues and a lack of joy in your life. Connection begins to bridge the awareness from the rational thinking mind to the expanded state of consciousness associated with the Soul and Greater Consciousness. It supports the evolution of the Soul while feeding and nourishing the areas of the personality that are ready to heal and transform.

Connection is the single most powerful form of light available on the planet at this time. It provides a web of interconnectedness for all life to move in a synchronistic fashion, supporting one another in evolution as you each transform and grow.

Two of our offerings:


As the body begins to create illness, there is consciousness present. Often this consciousness is moving in the background, not fully present in your awareness or mind. Illness is created over a period of time, with a range of factors that contribute to its creation. Understanding the consciousness that was present as the illness was created releases the held patterns of energy within the body and begins the process of healing. This may occur in many ways. We use the energy of Cellular Expansion to support this process.

Cellular Expansion is a form of light that touches the cells directly. Rather than trying to make something happen, it offers space for the cells to step forward and reveal what is needed next in the healing process. It is peaceful and respectful. It honors that consciousness is alive and powerful. Aspects of unconsciousness, or areas that are not in your awareness, can frequently be small and subtle. Their presence, however, can distort the energy moving through your body and create webs or structures of energy that hold disease in place.

Through the energy of Cellular Expansion your cells are bathed in a light transmission that invites these areas of unconsciousness to move to a higher frequency of vibration. This shift can be very healing and powerful since illness often exists at a denser frequency than health. Over time, as the body is restored to its ability to hold energy and exist in a state of balance, it too can move to a higher frequency. Supporting this shift allows the body to use its natural systems of order and healing to support the desired change.

Healing is not done to you. It is an active process of exploration that supports your learning in many ways. The learning may be simple or profound but it is your partner in this exploration. Often, as the consciousness of an illness is released, changes in how you live and view your life evolve as well.

Individuals have reported profound healing while using this program.

If you are interested in becoming a practitioner of this energy or would like to learn to work with your own health issues in a live seminar format, then visit our Course Offerings.

We often recommend as a companion to this program, Receiving the Energy of Connection. As healing occurs and the consciousness of an illness unwinds, it is often useful to form a deep, steady connection with yourself in order to support these changes. This would be connection as a personality with the world around you, as well as with your higher emanations, such as your Soul and Greater Consciousness. Receiving the Energy of Connection supports that process.


Building from the energy of Connection, we teach and offer ways for you to begin to build a stable base within your system to hold more of your Soul's light. As this base deepens, you may be drawn to explore avenues of expression for your Soul's light out into the world. We refer to this expression as your life work. Similarly, you may be drawn to build a conscious relationship with your own guide or teacher, further enhancing your life work.

Birthing a relationship with a guide, whether it is in the form of a light being, an angel or some other aspect of higher consciousness is a powerful way to explore who you are from a different perspective. Entering into this union allows for a place of exploration of how you present yourself in the world as well as how you view yourself. As you learn to blend in a deep way, you have an opportunity to explore yourself consciously beyond the layer of consciousness of the personality. You move into alignment with layers of consciousness that are more diffuse and thus able to hold and transmit light more easily.

Coming from this perspective teaches you about cooperation, surrender and union in deeper and deeper ways. Each time you return to this place of connection, you have an opportunity to deepen your awareness of who you are and receive support for all aspects of your life. Light beings are here to assist humanity in learning about new ways to be in the world and new ways to live from a place of peace and ease. They recognize your unique gifts and contributions and invite you into this union as you are drawn.

The following three programs work in a step-by-step fashion to accomplish these goals. While you may begin with any set, all three provide a unique foundation for this exploration.

Follow the links for detailed descriptions and ordering information.


As you learn to connect more deeply with your Soul and Greater Consciousness, you will have the opportunity to live your life from this perspective. Your vocation may or may not be the doorway to your life's work. For us, life work is the expression of you Soul's light in form and matter.

Being connected to your Soul is supported and strengthened throughout this program. Learning how to create containers for your Soul's light in the world as well as how to develop streams of awareness in the energy planes are all reviewed. As you develop containers for your Soul's light, you will learn ways to attract resources and support for all aspects of your life's work.

It is not necessary to already know the form of expression of your life work to benefit from this program. Learning to explore in the planes of energy, where all things exist before they are manifest in physical form, supports the evolution of your life work. Each aspect of your Soul's light has its own unique contributions that it offers to the world. Manifesting your life work assists in those forms being present to those you are here to serve. Whether your 'work' is through the form of family, business, a healing practice, a teacher or any other form, you and your Soul can choose to create and explore together.

DEEPENING CONNECTION: A Bridge to Soul Based Relationships

As you continue to explore your Soul as a conscious aspect of who you are in the world, relationship becomes more significant. Learning to create patterns of conscious relationship from a perspective of light evolves as you begin to become more Soul based in your explorations.

Releasing old patterns of relationship from childhood gives way to a rich and supple playing field from which to create a higher place of resonant relationships. Soul based relationships are free flowing, loving and creative. Whether you are seeking to create a Soul based partnership for business, family or as a foundation for a guide or teacher, the processes contained here will support that evolution.

Each meditation builds upon the next, with your personality being supported in its exploration of how to live from a Soul based perspective as well as learning how to hold more of you Soul's light. As this capacity grows, the ability to resonate and offer your light out into the world also grows. Soul based relationships become the foundation for all areas of expression in the world.

Through using these recordings, you will support your ability to connect more deeply with your Soul. As this deepening occurs, you will have the ability to learn how to expand, open and blend with another from this large and supple place. The focus of your connection could be your own Soul, a guide or teacher or any other Soul based relationship. Care is taken in the written teachings to support the personality and its understanding of this level of relationship.


This is the third in this series of supporting your partnership with your Soul, your teachers and your guides. As human beings begin the process of connecting with light beings, the most common area of discrepancy is that of orientation. As a human being, you have learned about relationship with other human beings. These human beings have thoughts, beliefs and patterns of response just as you do. Each of you dances with one another, teaching about patterns of reactivity and entanglement that come from the personality.

As you begin to build a conscious relationship with a light being or guide, this previous framework of orientation is the beginning point of building these new relationships. However, light beings do not respond in the same way human beings do. Light beings create relationship from beyond the range of emotion and personality, through the exchange of light, which is consciousness. This may be the single most important distinction as well as the reason these relationships have the potential to be so healing. A human being in this equation has the opportunity to learn about him or herself more fully while learning to merge and blend more deeply.


As you explore your personal and spiritual growth, the need for support of the personality will arise. Without the suppleness and willingness of the personality, there can be no forward movement. Your personality has been your driving force in many, if not all, aspects of your life. As you enter into a place of growth, the tendency can be to discount or attempt to dismiss the personality and its contributions.

A light being, a Soul or any other expanded state of consciousness needs a foundation to interact with and move through. The human personality is one such foundation. As the personality grows and has the opportunity to transform limiting beliefs, there is even more room for the Soul's light or the energy of a light being or teacher to be present. Transforming the personality to one that is open, non-attached and fluid is key.

Many times people think of trying to erase or get rid of the personality or aspects of it that appear less than desirable. This is one approach but it is not very effective. Each aspect of the personality has a contribution to make. In addition, each aspect, even those that seem prickly and irritable, have units of consciousness or energy to offer to your path and growth. Transforming these dense patterns of response and reactivity offers a greater return of light to the composite you. It also arises from a state of inclusivity rather than fear and judgment.

Any area that is less harmonious than what you desire has the potential to move into this process of transformation. Allowing its unique contribution to be received, as well as the energy that it carries, opens the doorway to an abundance of light that may be used for other areas of creation.


This recorded meditation and booklet provides a doorway into the process of transformation. It is designed to allow the student both mental awareness of the process of transformation as well as the energetic skills needed to merge with and transform what is currently present. This program allows for tremendous change to occur in areas where previously there may not have been much movement.

With repeated use, the student learns how to access this energy and begin to make choice about how to deal with life issues not previously seen as malleable. As the transformation energy becomes more familiar, the student may move toward the awareness that all aspects of life are mutable and all situations and circumstances are powerful vehicles of creation with much useable energy available.

Transforming limiting beliefs occurs regardless of the area of focus that you choose, as the suppleness of the mind is enhanced with this tape. As the mind becomes more supple or open, there is a greater likelihood that surrender will occur with ease.

This program is an excellent choice if you have found yourself recreating patterns throughout your life or experiencing a state of feeling stuck with no forward movement. It is designed to support the novice and advanced practitioner in realizing their full potential in each life experience.

This program includes a guided meditation with energy transmissions, transcripts of the meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recording.


Transforming the personality allows for a softer supple base to approach the world and those around you. It invites in the higher consciousness that is you and honors all of your gifts and contributions. A personality that is supple has a place of ease and joy in interacting with others. There is a sense of center that is not easily swayed by the dramas or needs of others. This center gives rise to a greater base for your Soul and Greater Consciousness to connect and be supported by. From this place, a composite structure of light and consciousness is available to explore life and offer your Soul's essence out into the world.

When the personality is transforming constricted areas, it is supported and given just what is needed for the next part of the process of unfolding. Allowing becomes the focus rather than struggle and effort. A personality that is conscious allows for greater influence of the Soul's light in all aspects of creation.

We use the energy of Transformation to illuminate old patterns of constriction that prevent a fluid and supple approach to life. This source of light supports old structures melting away, much like molten lava merging with organic material. Transformation creates a great degree of openness. That openness may then be used to create whatever shifts or change is desired.

In this program set, we focus on transforming limiting beliefs, the energy of anger, issues of money and poverty consciousness as well as health and patterns of disease. The aspects of change that occur create the stage for an ever-deepening relationship with your Soul and Greater Consciousness as well as a suppleness and ease with being in the world from this expanded state.

A unique offering, it complements all other energy programs that we offer.
This program set includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recordings.


Spiritual Evolution

As the human body becomes more supple, it creates a venue for more light to enter its cells. This light brings consciousness and with it the opportunity to approach life from a higher, more integrated perspective. Allowing for the changes that occur in the personality creates a doorway for the Soul's light and wisdom to be present. This higher perspective begins to change how you view the world and those around you.

Being in contact with this higher wisdom begins to create the need for a process of support that allows the energy of your spiritual body to enter into the systems of your personality structures so that there can be an integrated and expanded view and expression into the world. Focus is given to areas of thought or mental construct, emotion or feeling constructs as well as the physical body itself. Transforming beliefs around how the fields of energy interact with one another as well as the realms of possibilities that are available are explored.

Spiritual evolution implies that you are willing to engage with life from the level of your Soul and you are desiring to move forward with your Soul's path in this incarnation. This energy program provides a foundation for viewing life from this perspective.

It is highly suggested that you use one of the three programs for PARTNERSHIP before you begin the processes contained in this volume.

This program includes eight (8) guided meditations with energy transmissions, transcripts of each meditation and written teachings that are not found on the recordings.

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